A little about myself.

Do you have any idea how tough it is to write about yourself and not feel like your being some kind of egotistical jerk?

Since having my mom tell you how great I am lacks a certain level of professionalism, I’m gonna tackle it myself.

I’m a “Creative” that spends the bulk of my time art directing, designing, and illustrating. I have worked with clients including Thomson Reuters, Pearl Izumi, the Mayo Clinic. I’ve held positions ranging from being the sole creative in the company to being one of a few hundred. I have tackled projects of all sizes, small specialty pieces targeting a few, to variable data mass mailing targeting thousands.

I love learning, and that’s what drives my creativity. Whether it means learning how to make some snippet of PHP work on a WordPress site, how to animate a illustration for an iPad app, or how the back leg of a Tyrannosaurus Rex bends I feel that the more you learn, the more you’re able to do. The bigger the knowledge base the more you bring to a project. I also am a fantastic cook, really.

I could go on and on, but in all likelihood I’ve already gone over that word count/internet attention span ratio. So if you’d like to know more you can get ahold of me.

Or if you want you can see some of what I do. I’ve collected some of my favorite logos and marks, digital work, illustrations, and print pieces.